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Post  Rockstorm on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:35 pm

List of Characters i have worked on (only some of all my work)
Rockstorm's Sprite Dump Chart

Characters i got from people.
nr 19
Ahh this was when i were looking for a new specie and decided to ask for help/requested new sprites.
nr 28
Drave The Cat
A character i got from Nix on SJ.

Sprites made for others
Nr. 20
Hypershadow1000's newer sprites (only made a single sprite)
Nr. 4
LaMoop as a sonic character which i'm still working on.

Sprites revamped/redesigned
Nr.24 changed into Nr.8
Nr. 26->21->17-> latest (not show on the chart amongst other redesigns)
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