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Rules For Admins/Mods/Affiliates Empty Rules For Admins/Mods/Affiliates

Post  ~S.L~ on Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:08 am

Rules For Admins/Mods/Affiliates:
1. Do not ask to be an Admin/Mod/Affiliate. Do not ask me in pm, no matter who you are. I don't want to here it. I'll make you one of those if I deem you worthy, and the only other option being if I'm hiring one of said ranks.

2. When editing any aspect of the forum, make sure that you get aception/confirmation with me via pm before editing. If you do this before you get confirmation from me, you'll be demoted, no questions asked.

3. If you have the power to ban, as according to your job description, DO NOT do it without posting a legitamate Ban form in the gallows section. The form is as follows


Here are the Job Descriptions of Mods/Admins/Affiliates:

Admin: It's most likely going to just be Me, and maybe two other people. As Admin, you have super user over the forum. You can ban. You can do whatever you like except edit the template/delete the forum wtihout my permission/confirmation. Check with me before doing this.

Mod: As Moderator, you will have the reduced powers of an Admin. You cannot edit the template under any circumstances. You do have the power to ban, and you will most likely be exercising that power much more than the Admins, as the mods are considered the Forum Police. There will probably be 6 mods. 3 mods will just be regular mods, while the three others will also maintain the titles of heads of clans.

Affiliates:As an Affiliate, you are special privelaged. You do not in essence, have any power of the Mods or Admins. But you do have acess to V.I.P lounges of the forum. You may not ban/edit the template/edit any part of the site/delete the site, nor do anything besides be a regular forum member. Although, as an Affiliate, you can report problems to the Mods, or help other users out by giving them guidance and what not.

There are other job descriptions to be made.
I am the leader of The Admins, Mods, and Affiliates. I am also the Yellow Tribe, clan leader. However, that leaves other tribe clan leader spots open, which can be filled by people that I choose. As clan leader, you have full modship, as well as the ability to manage said tribe. More on this later.
Admin/Yellow Clan Leader
Admin/Yellow Clan Leader

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