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Post  ~S.L~ on Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:50 pm

Okay, so I'm here to adress something that has been reminating around for some while.

I've heard from multible people that both Zephyr and Cman are interested in merging their tribes into one tribe. If so, they need to know a few things before deciding.

1. If you are to merge the two tribes, it is to be called: Grey-Green. It will utilize the same colors as Green and Grey did, as evident by the emblems that it will use if they choose to merge:
Rumor: GREY-GREEN? Grey-GreenEmblem Rumor: GREY-GREEN? Grey-GreenLeader Rumor: GREY-GREEN? Grey-Greensmaller
The Walrus, and The Lion are both present on those emblems so that both Green and Grey heritage are preserved.

2. However, with that said, all of the members of Green and Grey respectively will all have the rank and membership of "The Grey-Green Tribe." Green and Grey will both be retired colors. This means that you will not be able to unmerge. I repeat, this means you will not be able to unmerge.

3. The Grey and Green forums that are currently here now will be hidden within the forum. They will not be able to be acessed, and a new forum called, 'Grey-Green' will be created, with all of the features of the original two forums.

4. There will be two Clan leaders who will lead the tribe. Zephyr and Cman. No one is higher in position. They are both the same. If they come into conflict, that's your own problem.

5. You can quit your tribe, as I've said everywhere else, you just need to pm me saying you're quitting, and that you want your badge removed, and you remove your emblem. You also announce it in your Tribe news thread.

6. All of your current "Grey" and "Green" emblems in your sigs can stay. They represent history. But you HAVE to put your new "Grey-Green" emblem in there if they choose to merge. K?

Alright, with the facts laid out on the table, what say you Cman and Zephyr?

If you're down with this, comment here saying you are, or pm me. I'll come on later and announce in this thread whether or not this is going down.

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