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Rules - February 19th 2010 Empty Rules - February 19th 2010

Post  ~S.L~ on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:22 pm

Oh Hey, It's me S.L, here to lecture you on rules again.
Please attempt, to follow each one of these rules, respectively.

The Beach House Rules

Rule #1: Do Not Spam
This is like, the #1 rule of the forum, and by far the easiest to follow.
Instances Of Spamming:
  • Double+ Posting - This is often done inadvertantly. If a user posts two comments back, to back, this is called bumping. It is aceptable for only two posts. More than two posts bumping will result in a warning from the mods. This will not lead to insta-ban, unless someone posts more than 10 posts in a bump.
  • Shit Comments - Posting messages with random letters/characters such as "afdiasfdjjiadsj" or posting repeditive one word posts will result in warning, and if continued banning.
  • Ignoring Admins/Mods/Affiliates - If one of these guys tells you to do something, whether it be stop, or whatever, and you ignore it, you will not be warned, and simply banned. If you have a problem with what one of them are saying, consult me in pm.
  • Obvious Trolling - Self Explanatory. If you're trolling you know it, and you won't be warned, just perma banned.

Rule #2: Harassment:
Happens a lot, believe it or not.
  • Critique - Know how to take critique, and know how to give it. If you're flaming someone who tries to give you critique, you will be warned and then banned if continued, same with someone giving critique.
  • Personal Harrassment - Also occurs often. If someone keeps pm'ing you, and you really don't want to talk to them, don't be afraid to tell them to stop, or ignore them. If further harassment occurs after this, contact me immediately Pedophilia of no kind will be tolerated. Insta banning will ensue. Another form of Personal harassment is when a user is keeps insulting you. If you're not taking it lightly, and you want it to stop, pm me of course, or one of the moderators/admins/affiliates.

Rule #3 Obscenities:
I am not above this. lol
  • Moderate Swearing- Unless you're in the spam thread, do not use more than 7 in a post, at a time. Any swear is permitted, and to be honest, I'm not that big on this. So if you abuse it, it's most likely just going to result in warnings.
  • Racial/Ethnic -Being slightly racist is one thing, but I don't want to see any slurs, I don't want to see any discrimination. Love your fellow brother.
  • Sexualism - No linking, posting, or talking about Pornography or Sexual Intercourse. Using words are one thing, but graphic details are mature and we have young users here.

Rule #4 Stealing/Infringement:
  • No Sprite/Comic Stealing. - You'll be warned, then banned.
  • Infringing In Topics - Do not post in threads/posts strictly reserved for Admins/Mods/Affiliates. Do not post threads/posts in other tribes. Only in your own tribe. Do not make off topic posts in uncoordinating threads.

Consequences For Breaking Said Rules:
1. Un Offficial Warning - Given to offenses so menial, they aren't even worth acounting for
2. Warning - Given to one who violates any of these offenses, at least once, unless it's a major act of blatancy
3. 2nd Warnings - Optionally given to someone possibly for something more venial
4. Temporary Ban - Given to those who violate the warning(s). Can last from a day to a month.
5. IP Ban - Given to repeditive violators of the rules. Usually endures forever.
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